Saturday, December 15, 2012

Reindeer Food DIY

Last year my BFF and I made Reindeer Food for our children's school Christmas Party, Party Favors. We feel in love with this idea and the boys LOVED making the food AND throwing it in the yard on Christmas Eve! This year i decided to make reindeer clips to hold my DARLING Ciao Bambino Printables! Here is an EASY DIY of Reindeer Food! Enjoy!
-Wooden Clips
-Black and Red Markers
-Pipe Cleaners
-Printables with Poem on Card stock
-Cellophane Bags
Ciao Bambinos Printables! LOVE them!!!
 I have been planing parties with Jeniene for about 4 years! She the NICEST woman I have ever worked with. Through the years I have been able to call her my friend, she has SUCH a kind heart and blessing in my life! Check out her Etsy shop and like her facebook page!
I am saying all this bc i love her and her work!
 Take one pipe cleaner, cut in half.
Wrap around and twist around ONE side of a clip (It will be your backside).
Arrange like antlers
 Black marker- Make two circles ABOVE the silver clip for the eyes
Red Marker- Make one circle UNDER the silver clip for the nose

-In a BIG bowl MIX Oats, glitter, and sprinkles
-Add 1/2 a cup of mixture to your cellophane bag
-Tie a ribbon to close (DO NOT knot yet)
-Add clip JUST the back side (you need the clip to work)
-Tie and KNOT the ribbon to the SIDE (makes the scarf)
-Clip your Ciao Bambino Printable
-Use your scissors to trim the bag just ABOVE the antlers

And just like that you have a DARLING and EASY party favor for your friends!
Merry Merry Christmas!
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  1. These are ADORABLE! Thank you for including me :-) Love ya!! xo